After Sales Services

At ALBARIQ Saudia Trading Company, we are constantly striving to improve our customer back-up. The machines that we sell come in for some pretty heavy-duty use, many of them working constantly in contact with water and dirt - a challenging combination.

The day a customer buys a machine, he makes an investment - he acquires something that will enhance his business. But all through its working life he will have to spend money on it, to ensure its proper performance and productivity.

Our job is to make it as painless as possible for him to do this. We can help a great deal by two major aspects of Service: Having technical staff who know what they are doing and can service/repair our product competently. Supplying the replacement parts quickly and efficiently.

ALBARIQ Saudia Trading Company is fully equipped to deal with this important aspect of the equipment distributor's role. We are proud of our after-sales expertise, which grows from month to month.

We are able to undertake Service Contracts with our customers - a regular maintenance schedule, especially on the bigger and more sophisticated machines, means peace of mind for the user, because of the enhanced productivity of his equipment; it also means potential problems can be nipped in the bud, before they become serious.

Actually doing these things, rather than just talking about it, is what separates the men from the boys. What's more, we can do it for all the product lines that we represent, not just the mainstream ones.

So our expertise really does extend into this vital area, as well as providing training for our customers' personnel in the use of the machines that we sell. Our Service Team contains the same number of personnel as our Sales Team and in addition to that, we have a General Stores Manager with warehouse staff for dealing with deliveries and stock control.